10 Gifts for Dog Dads on Father’s Day, Birthdays or Any Day

Jun 15, 2021

Does shopping for the guys on your gift list just seem to get harder and harder every time Father’s Day or a birthday rolls around? If your dad, spouse, partner, brother, friend, or boss happens to also be a Dog Dad, a wide world of fun and meaningful dog-themed gift options are open to you. Even men who insist they don’t need a present for themselves will love a gift or activity that involves their canine companion.

Here are 10 great gift ideas for the Dog Dads in your life.

1. Grounds and Hounds Coffee. Let’s start with morning. Does your dog dad begin the day with a great cup of joe and a walk with his dog? Nothing makes that first mug of coffee taste better than knowing it is sustainably sourced and supports animal rescue. Whole beans, ground coffee or pods are all available as a single purchase or a subscription from Grounds and Hounds. Plus, there’s tons of other cool canine swag to browse through including an “Escape With Your Sidekick” travel mug that would be easy to carry in one hand while he manages his dog’s leash with the other.



2. Our dooloop is a morning must-have, so the dog dad on your gift list has a free hand to enjoy that coffee on his sunrise dog walk. You can be sure he doesn’t want to juggle a bag of doo on what’s meant to be a relaxing start to his day. Gift your guy an eco-friendly, Dog Dad Approved dooloop poo-bag holder to clip to his dog’s leash and you’ll literally take a load off his hands. (There’s got to be at least one pun in an article about dads, right?)

3. A fun 4-pack of Dog Brew by Busch. This gift idea for beer aficionados has humor, health, and a mission all packed in the can. Busch’s Dog Brew is a nutritious non-alcoholic bone broth – no tipsy pups, here! Busch recently launched a nationwide search for a spokesdog. Ethan, a rescue dog adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society, scored the position, with a 20K salary and – no joke – healthcare, too (pet insurance)! Dog Brew gets great reviews from both canine tasters and their dog dads.

4. A brew for the dogfather, too. If he prefers his beer in a pint glass, there are dog-friendly craft breweries all across the country that you can enjoy visiting together. Find one near you right here. If your dog guy is eco-minded and you are in New England, take a relaxing drive to the Maine Beer Company, where they welcome canines visitors and also give 1% to planet and wildlife conservation funds.

5. Go simple and have his dog send a card. We all know that man who really means it when he says “no gifts.” Have his dog send him a card to mark the special day, instead. There’s an entire library of creative Father’s Day and birthday cards from the dog on etsy.com. They are worth browsing even if you just want to smile over some pooch-related silliness.

6. SewFetch Heavy Duty Dog Collar Here at the dooloop, we can’t help but love other Maine-made dog products, especially one as rugged at the SewFetch Heavy Duty Dog Collar. They come in tons of unique designs, so you’re certain to find one that fits your dog guy’s personality as well as his dog. For non-Mainers, SewFetch products are available online on etsy.com.

7. Matching Tshirts. Do you know a dog dad who absolutely won’t go anywhere without his four-footed wingman? These matching shirts from RaisetheWoof Boutique proudly declare “If My Dog Can’t Go, I’m Not Coming” with a matching declaration shirt for his dog. Be sure to personalize the set for men before you check out, or you may end giving this gift to a dog mom instead.

8. Cliffhound makes tough and tuggable toys, leashes, and collars out of retired climbing rope – perfect for the outdoorsy dog dad who is into recycling and the environment. Cliffhound gives a new life and purpose to climbing gear that might otherwise be discarded, by transforming it into tough, colorful dog products. They also do custom orders!

9. WestPaw has also taken recycling to a whole new level with toys that are both tough and cool looking. They’ve created a new line of sturdy Seaflex dog toys and other products made from made from 12% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic and 88% zero-waste Zogoflex. If you know a man-and-dog duo who regularly adventure together, this no-clang heavy duty bowl would be a great gift for him to keep stowed in the car.



10. How about a custom dog portrait that’s totally unique? A handsome etching of his canine best friend from Greyboy Pet Prints is something far more than a pic or a painting. Greyboy creates custom etchings through a printmaking process involving sunshine, metal, ink and paper. If you’d like to honor the passing of a beloved dog, they can even add ashes, pawprint or fur for a very special memorial keepsake.

 And a bonus FREE gift idea…

The Red Cross Pet First Aid app is a perfect free gift – especially from his kids, if they are too small to pick out a gift on their own. No dog dad will object if you put step-by-step emergency veterinary advice and everyday pet care in the palm of his hand. Honestly, this simple-to-use app is a great resource for every pet lover, so point your dog-loving friends and family to the URL to get it downloaded.

Add joy and banish stress from gift-giving. For those men who count a canine as their best friend, think “Dog Dad” and you’ll never lack for gift ideas.

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