9 Ways To Deck The Halls With Dooloops

Dec 2, 2021

So, you ask, what else can I do with my ‘dooloop’? If you celebrate Christmas, deck those halls, baby! They’re also fun at Hanukkah. Really, they can be fun at any celebration where gifts are exchanged – we’re not even kidding!

Since ‘tis the season, let’s talk holiday ornaments. What is colorful, lightweight, makes people smile while being able to hold sh*t? Yup, dooloops are all this, and more. Yes, their purpose is to hold bags of poop, but they can hold nice sh*t, too! I use dooloops as ornaments at my trade show booth, and even hung some on our Christmas tree alongside the bougie Christoffel and German glass. The children swooned (just kidding, they actually groaned) but they sure liked the small things in the bags hanging off the dooloops. Mama’s gotta have her amusements. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa? Stuff bags with treats for his reindeer to eat and close them up with a dooloop, so Santa can pick up all that reindeer doo. Why not?

A dooloop is a fantastic, out-of-the-ordinary stocking stuffer, but you can take them to the next level of gift-giving, too. 

Here are 9 festive ways you can use dooloops as presents and gift a little laughter to your friends and family at the same time.

  1. Deck the halls with dooloops! You don’t need to hide your gift dooloops away in a stocking or bundle them up in gift wrap. If you’ve hoisted a Christmas tree up in your home, hang your dooloops there with a little “To you, From me, with love” gift tag. Then let your Christmas morning guests discover them as they pause to admire your tree. They will probably need more coffee once they figure out what they are…
  2. Doorknob Decorations. Sling a dog toy or bag of treats from a dooloop and hang it from the bedroom doorknob as a festive morning discovery for dog-loving overnight guests – especially if they brought their dog along to share the holiday.
  3. Hang a handful on your local animal shelter’s gift tree or ribbon of holiday cards. Most animal shelters have a gift tree in their lobby where supporters can leave presents for the shelter pets. Sometimes they have a garland or bulletin board that displays the holiday cards they’ve received. A dooloop for every shelter leash would make it a lot easier for volunteers to clean up after the adoptable dogs they walk outside every day. Attach a ribbon and a jingle bell, then leave them nestled in the branches of that lobby tree or perch them with the shelter’s card display.
  4. Cookies and a dooloop are a perfect thank-you. What better way make your favorite groomer, dog walker, dog sitter, or vet tech smile than with a dooloop or two to help make their daily work easier and a tin of homemade Peanut Butter Blossom or chocolate-drop cookies to munch on. (Does anyone else think they re-named chocolate kisses “blossoms” to try to distract us from their cute poop-emoji shape?) Dog people will definitely get the joke.
  5. Take your ribboning skills to the best-in-show level. Add a dooloop as a charm to your perfectly wrapped gift, pull three or four colorful poop-bags through the dooloop, tie them up, fan them out, and you’ll have an over-the-top, truly dog-centric gift bow.
  6. Add a touch of whimsey to a gift bag. Festive fabric and gold tassels are perfect for that bottle of wine or spirits; a petite pouch turns a gift card into a little something extra, and you can fancy up any present with a soft and beautiful velvet drawstring bag. But for dog-lovers, you need a little something special to give that gift bag a personal touch. Why not sling that that pouch through a dooloop…just like you would a poop-bag? It will add an extra bit of fun before your friend or partner opens the bag to discover their second gift inside.
  7. Turn holiday cards into stealth holiday gifts. What better tuck-in present for your dog-themed Christmas and Hanukkah cards than a brightly colored dooloop? Be sure to pick cards and envelopes that are large enough to fit the dooloop along with its display card – 8 inches should do it – or save postage and send just the dooloop if your envelope is 5” long or less. You’ll just need to 1 extra stamp to wing it safely on its way, first-class!
  8. Dooloop wine charms. The dooloop comes in a bunch of different colors, so they make fantastic wine glass charms at a dog-themed gathering.
  9. Dooloop trivia! What does a dooloop doo? When you pop a dooloop in the mail to each of your dog-loving friends, or tie one with ribbon to a wrapped gift as a charm -- without the dooloop packaging – the fun begins when people try to puzzle out what this cute and colorful plastic squiggle does! The curiosity of long-distance friends may turn into a too-long-delayed phone call or a friendly text after they received your card, wondering what the heck you’ve sent them. Then you can chat some more to catch up on life, too. That may be the best holiday gift of all.

Be sure to let them know that their dooloop isn’t just a cute plastic thingamajig that holds bags of poop. It’s silly-easy to use – that is the gift of it. It’s perfect for carrying their pup’s bagged poo, leaving their hands free for shopping bags and holiday gifts this season. Be sure to mention that’s its ecofriendly, too, made in the USA, out of non-toxic, recycled/recyclable BPA-free plastic, with minimal packaging. They can use the ball chain to attach it to their leash or use carabiner or another rugged fastener. It’s not just a helpful little gift for them and their dog – it’s one they’ll use daily and remember you (every time their dog poops)!

If I’ve convinced you that dooloops are the perfect gift for all of the dog moms and dads in your life, you can buy them in bunches or get singles with our super-cute snowflake-decorated tags (click on the “winter tag” options) on thedooloop.com! Don’t take just my word that they make great holiday presents: The dooloop is on lots of online gift lists, including the Daily Mom!

Whatever way you celebrate the season this winter, we wish you a holiday wrapped in the warmth and love of family and friends, and of course the most cherished companion of all, your dog!

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