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Mar 8, 2021


How can I explain that the best little dog poop bag holder on the planet, is unique, fun and -- dare I say -- stylish? By sharing again and again how simple and indispensable the dooloop is!

This month, my little invention is featured in REAL SIMPLE and it IS really simple: simple design, simple to use, and the dooloop makes something as simply gross and walking around clutching a bag of dog poop unnecessary.

Once a dog parent owns a dooloop, it’s hard to imagine getting along without one clipped to a leash. Just scoop the poop, knot the bag, and loop it through the dooloop, and poop is out-of-mind in six short seconds. The genuine made-in-the-USA dooloop is produced right here in Maine. It’s made of non-toxic, BPA free, biodegradable plastic, with zero-waste packaging and assembled by hand. Dooloops come in 5 colors and I really had some fun with their names: lobster red, millennial pink, matcha green, charcoal, and new blue.

Did you know that when you flip “dooloop” over, it spells….”dooloop?” You can’t get much simpler than being identical right-side up and upside down. I love our little lowercase “d” for that very reason. It isn’t there to be trendy…it’s there because it’s fun.

I’m also loving that the dooloop has found its way onto gift guides and review sites across the internet. The dooloop has managed to make dog-poop management chic!

The dooloop has been featured this month by Brandi Broxson in REAL SIMPLE’s “6 Clever Items to Simply Your Life.”  The honor sums up everything I believe about this powerful little loop.

Check out the dooloop’s other gift list inclusions and video reviews!

  •  And check out this dooloop review video from DOGDAD Approved! It's not JUST a review, it's the whole story of the dooloop!

    Still need convincing? Here are our Top 5 reasons why the dooloop makes a perfect pet-parent gift for a friend -- or yourself.

    1. You’ll give a gift of freedom: to hold a coffee, wave at a friend, or push a stroller, instead of juggling a bag of poop.
    2. You’ll give something the recipient didn’t even know they needed and will wonder how they ever got along without.
    3. Dog parents with a pack of pups can tote multiple bags of poop with one sturdy dooloop.
    4. It’s darned cute in shape, color and name, and it’s less than ten bucks!
    5. Anytime you have the opportunity to reduce the sh*t in someone else’s life, you should.

    To get a dooloop of your own or to start sending them to your dog-parenting friends, head to our site or check them out on The Grommet.

    Send me a photo of your dog on an adventure with a trusty dooloop clipped to your leash and you may find your dog featured on our Instagram page. Tag us @dooloopdogs on Instagram or you can find our email address here.

    If you are interested in buying the dooloop dog poop bag holder wholesale, give us a call at 833-dooloop or 207-712-5453.

    It IS “real simple.” You don’t need to juggle sh*t anymore. Give or get a dooloop!


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