Top 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Dog Walker

Sep 5, 2023

Dog Walker Businesses Big and Small are Here to Stay


How do you know if you've found the right one for your pack? We're offering some ideas on how to decide. 

We know you want the absolute best for your dog, from finding a trusted vet, to people who pinch-hit as needed for their care. Entrusting a beloved family pet into someone else’s care always requires a leap of faith. We’ve rescued, so most of the time our furry family members have had special needs. We were confident knowing that their walkers/babysitters were invested in their wellbeing and safety, this allowed us to leave without worry. Bella and Angie were uniquely walking challenged – hence the dooloop. 

Pet owners are also faced with making choices when buying pet products! We'd like to help you shop companies whose business practices resonate. Where you spend your money, matters. People want what works for their budget, and to support businesses whose values align with theirs


Okay, now you’ve found someone you think would be the perfect walker for your doggo(s), here’s a list of questions to ask before hiring them. 


What To Ask a Dog Walker You're Interviewing?

  • How do they handle emergencies? Shy or reactive dogs?
  • What types of equipment do they use?
  • How do they schedule, or time walks with all their clients?
  • What is their reward system, food/treats—Can you use your own or only what they provide?
  • Do they walk multiple dogs at the same time?
  • Are there extra fees for evening or weekend walks?
  • What’s their safety history - have any dogs gotten loose?


In my experience, pet professionals LOVE talking about their job, and LOVE making sure they are a good fit for the animal and family. My advice: if you ‘vibe’ (it’s okay to be woo-woo here for our woofs), and your dog is receptive, that is a good sign. Always pay attention to your pet’s reaction, a cold shoulder from your pooch it doesn’t mean they might not be great at their job, but it means that they’re not right for your job


How to Choose Pet Companies to Shop 


Along with hiring pet professionals, you’ll make a lot of buying decisions for your furry companions. From bowls, beds, walking supplies, food, toys, and what we joke about ‘spa day’ equipment. (Bella, not a fan of the mani/pedi), before it is over, you will need and buy A LOT of stuff for your pet.

I know for me, it’s important that I support businesses that align with my values and are safe for the pets. Whenever possible, shopping locally is a goal, use of sustainable materials, how a company packages their product, and how they treat their employees are all things that affect my decision making.

Doing research and supporting businesses who align with your values can instill a sense of pride about how and who you support. Before buying a pet product, you might want to:

  • Read reviews. Red flags to me are when a company in bad faith doesn’t stand behind their product. No product is perfect, but being gracious if approached in a timely way, goes a long way.
  • Read ‘about us’ sections, the company missions, values or history pages.
  • Look at their social media and see the type of content they post and how they respond to comments. Is this a company with an agenda that is front and center? Is it something that you support?


There you have it! My Houndswag go-to recommendations when hiring the best dog walker and sussing out some ideas for getting the products you need. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the dooloop and the ways that it facilitates walks by making scooping poop and dealing with it easier than it’s ever been. 


I’m always happy to chat (talk shit) and see how I can of help! Email me anytime at

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