We manufacture and ship from Maine.

We are closed for shipping on Sat./Sun. and major holidays, and ship out orders Monday to Friday. Any dooloops ordered after 2:00 pm go out the next day.

We ship USPS unless specified otherwise.

We accept returns if there is a manufacturer defect, and are happy to send a replacement.


We use a recycled, formerly medical grade, BPA free, non-toxic plastic. #5 is the recycling classification.

The ball chains are made in NY of stainless steel. They eliminate the need for single use packaging, and can be convenient for end use, but many people find putting dooloops directly on a carabiner/reliable fastener, works better.  

A dooloop, we like to joke, holds a lot of s#*t. We've found we can stack 4-6 bags of poo on a single dooloop.

If you pull bags through adequately, we've also found, no need to knot your bag. This is good if you're struggling with leash control, the very reason it was invented. You can tie/put empty bags onto your dooloop.

Well...we can start with the easy convenience of being able to 'let go of s#*t' within a couple of seconds of it being dropped.

Your outfit isn't elevated by holding a bag of doo, it's not a Louis Vuitton!

Finally, environmentally, it's important that we don't leave poop or abandoned bags behind. It's toxic and unsightly. Spread peace, not poo!

A dooloop will work on any leash or backpack, even a jacket toggle. You can attach it, using a carabiner or other clip, to anything that is convenient for you.