the dooloop


Whether you walk with one furry friend or many, dooloop carries used poop-bags until you toss them in the trash.

  • Patent pending dooloop attaches to any leash handle. Knotted bags slip easily on and off, leaving your hands free.
  • dooloop is made in Maine of molded bio-degradable, non-toxic plastic
  • Recycled and recyclable tag
  • Ball-chain on the package can be used on the leash, zero waste.


dooloop was developed by Beth Herriman of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, inspired by Bella and Angie- her sweet, bonded, rescue bassets.


Product Reviews

Scoop the poop, knot and loop. Easy and clean.

I got into a limo with some friends on the way to an event in DC. Something really smelled, but I didn’t want to say anything, I didn’t know who it was. Turns out I had a bag of poop in my jacket pocket that I’d forgotten about. This is much better.

Mike, Washington, DC

When Gilly and I go out for a walk, sometimes he poops early on and I hate carrying around the bag, so we turn back early. This is so easy, now we do our whole walk, I love our walk.

Dana, Portland, ME

Pearl is a “beta” tester. There are lots of trash cans where we walk, but I use the dooloop all the time, actually hate to walk without it. Recently I got a second dooloop for the second short leash, it’s easier than switching back and forth. Carrying a bag of poop for any distance now just seems gross.

Michael, LA, CA

It was winter, the house is old, and a smell started coming from the large hall closet; we thought something must have gotten in and died. We had to pull out everything, and when we did, found a really funky, old bag of poop that had been left in a pocket after a walk…looking forward to using a dooloop instead. Zoey approves.

PTown Inn
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dooloop - Made in Maine

The dooloop is expected to be available both online and in retail stores in fall 2019. If you are a wholesaler, pet shop owner, or manufacturer, and would like further information, please send your query to, or contact us using the following form:

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