The dooloop

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dooloop for poo bags

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See how it works in less than 6 seconds with one hand yeah, that easy. 

The Dooloop

Don't get caught carrying, it's a drag holding that bag. 

Free Your Hands

The dooloop is a modern leash accessory for those tired of carrying dog waste. The dooloop frees your hands for better things, morning coffee, a phone call, wave to a friend, push a stroller, hold a hand!

The dooloop is made in Maine of non-toxic, compostable plastic and hand-assembled, for zero-waste packaging; useful, affordable and light-weight, the dooloop is good for you and kind to the planet.

Dooloops come in 5 colors, lobster red, millennial pink, matcha green, charcoal and new blue.

A dooloop makes a great gift!

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Bella & Angie

Bella and Angie, two sweet rescue basset hounds, came into our lives with a zest for exploring, and not much on-leash experience. Flight risks when they arrived, dropping a leash was not an option: walks were a poop bag juggling, double Dutch dance.

Online searches, combing local pet and hardware stores, didn’t turn up a practical solution. Desperate to make dog walks less stressful, using modeling plastic in my kitchen, the dooloop was created.

Walking the dogs still means frequent stops for sniffing, scooping and snacks, but no longer fumbling with bags. For stylish “packs,” dooloops come in great colors, mix and match with your collars and leashes!

Thank you for choosing to love your walk even more with a dooloop, and after all, who likes to carry poop?

Visit us at @dooloopdogs on Instagram! Love to hear your story 🙂

Walk happy!

Angie, Bella and Beth

You can feel good about using dooloop.

You love your dog, love your walk.

Product Reviews

Scoop the poop, knot and loop. Easy and clean for carrying used dog poop bags.

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The dooloop is made in Maine of compostable, non-toxic plastic with zero-waste packaging.

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