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It works! The perfect low-profile accessory for dog walks. Freeing up my hands has made long dog walks more enjoyable and less stressful.

Leshell M.

I have a German Shepherd puppy. We love our walks together. I can control the leash while the Dooloop holds the ****! Love it!

Karen W.

The best tool for making dog walks better. This is especially true in the winter when I’m wearing heavy mittens and have been known to accidentally drop a loaded bag and not even know it.

Gayle P.

I'm thrilled to find a USA-made product that keeps my hands free of filled baggies, especially on cold days when I'd much rather have my hands in my pockets to keep warm.

Maria M.

Love it! It is so nice to have a free hand after our pugs do the doo. Waving to our neighbors with a bag of poo in our hands was a bit awkward!

Shannon H.

Love the new materials it’s made from. It really is a game changer especially since I have two dogs so carrying around multiple **** bags was never ideal. This really is a game changer.

Nancy B.

Made In The USA

Locally created, manufactured, and distributed.

Recycled Plastic

Made with non-toxic, BPA free, recycled plastic.

Woman Owned

Support a woman owned small business.

Environment Friendly

Helps keeps poop out of our water tables.