Championing Sustainability: Unusual Ways Dog Families Can Save the Planet

Feb 9, 2024

Championing Sustainability: Unusual Ways Dog Families Can Save the Planet


Really rocking the dog parent game means flexing some next-level sustainability vibes that help protect our planet. Dive into these outside-of-the-box pet activities with your pup and you'll be not only leveling up your doggo's life but also dropping some serious eco-consciousness into your relationship with your pooch.

Simple earth-friendly pet activities

Check labels and think mindfully about your pet-related choices can quickly reduce waste or support sustainably produced pet products. Here are just a couple to get your mind ticking.

Eco-Friendly Pet going to start at the bottom – pun intended – the dooloop!

Made of recycled, non-toxic plastic, without using single use plastic in the packaging means less waste from manufacturing to you. A wind powered printer makes the tags and it’s all done in the USA, meaning a low carbon footprint in transportation v overseas.

Additionally, making it easy for dog owners to stop leaving dog poop to disintegrate into the water or soil, by making it easy to hang onto bags without disturbing their walks is an environmental positive.

Planet-Friendly DIY Dog Treats

Rather than buying packaged treats, try making your own at home using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Not only does this minimize packaging waste, but it also ensures your pet dog enjoys healthy snacks. We make ours with peanut butter, eggs and wholewheat flour, easy and Bella loves them – as do her buddies.

Save Lives and the Planet Through Pet Adoption

Adopt your next dog from a local shelter or rescue organization. Even if you have a favorite breed, it’s likely you can find your dog of choice through a rescue. Bella and Angie were Basset Hound Rescue of New England, Lucy was the ASPCA in Dallas…By going this route, you’ll provide a loving home for a pet in need. Yes, some pups come from abuse and need extra loving, some had owners who just could no longer take care of them, illness for example. Even with a puppy, time and disposition is never knowable, it’s always an adventure, this is just another way to start the adventure. Going through rescues has the additional positive of reducing the demand for commercially bred animals raised in large-scale conditions, which can have heartbreaking environmental, behavioral, and inhumane consequences.

Go wild and protect the planet with these unusual pet activities

Plant a Pet-Friendly Garden of Native Plants

Create a garden for you and your dog with pet-friendly native plants. This not only adds a bit of biodiversity to your surroundings but also provides a safe and stimulating environment for your pet. Need some help choosing? Audubon has some help! [LINK is Choose plants that are non-toxic to animals. I always brush up on my plant knowledge by checking the ASPCA list of toxic plants before I make my spring purchases Bella ate broccoli directly out of the garden, it was her personal salad bar, she also enjoyed the kale.


Walk Your Dog, Pick Up Trash

Train your dog to participate in simple conservation efforts, like picking up litter during walks. It can be confusing to your dog if you are asking them to sit while you hop across a ditch to grab a discarded bottle, so begin slowly by picking up just a few pieces on your daily walk before heading out to clean up an entire trail. [FOR DOG PARENTS:If you are picking litter along a roadside, it’s especially important that your dog be acclimatized to traffic and have mastered a sit before turning your back to rummage through long grass.] I suggest wearing a bright colored vest so other walkers and drivers realize you're up to something more than the average walk! And a dooloop holds any bags, not just poop – so ‘let it go’.

Sustainable Land Management Practices for Pets

Are you lucky enough to own land with acres of forest [OR A WOODLOT, MIX OF WOODS AND FIELDS]. If you do, your pets can enjoy walking my property and you would want to protect it for generations to come. Here are some resources to help. , a land trust here ]

BTW, picking up dog poop is important even in the woods, left behind it gets washed into streams and watersheds and changes the soil’s composition, affecting what grows naturally in your area.

Keep Pet-Friendly Beaches Clean

Organize or join a pet-friendly beach clean-up event or stroll the beach on your own with your dog with a litter bag in hand! We have several dog friendly beaches near us, when people don’t pick up poop especially in the summer (even by accident), kids who play on the beach find it. YUCK. It invariably will get washed into the ocean and fecal bacteria levels can make swimming hazardous – it’s worse in lakes and ponds. Many coastal areas suffer from pollution, and involving pets in clean-up efforts not only helps the environment but also raises awareness about the impact of waste – dog and cat poop are not like deer, or bear poop, they are closer to human poop, devastating to marine life. You’ll get a thumbs-up from other walkers, too!  Lastly, be safe by wearing closed-toed shoes and gloves and avoid heavy-duty cleanups where your dog’s paws could be at risk, unless your pup loves wearing booties.

What can you do to reduce your carbon pawprint?

Being a conscious dog family involves making mindful choices that extend beyond typical sustainability practices. By embracing even just one or two of these unusual yet practical options, pet dog parents can contribute to a healthier planet while ensuring their pets lead happy and eco-friendly lives.

Check out the dooloop to make your walks or that of your friends with dogs, wherever they are more enjoyable, but even more importantly eco-responsible. We invite you to share your efforts in your communities to help preserve the lands.

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